What is Service Learning?

Service-Learning (S-L) is an educational experience where students get involved in an organized service activity that meets community needs.

Through this activity, participants gain a broadening of their academic knowledge, an appreciation of the discipline and a sense of civic responsibility. Service-Learning represents an experiential methodology that combines learning and community service in a single project with a civic and academic base. This activity is also reflected in their academic curriculum.

What S-L projects looks like?

Service-Learning projects bring together students, academics and community stakeholders whereby all become teaching resources, problem solvers and partners. On a rapid view, each S-L experience must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. integrating significant service and provide response to a real environmental demand,
  2. a service linked to the academic curriculum of the student,
  3. students must contribute in a relevant manner and have a strong voice in all steps,
  4. reflection should be an important part of the learning process, and, last but not least
  5. community organizations are recognized and valued as fundamental partners.


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