Parallel activities

In parallel to the workshop, we will develop two art exhibitions that you can visit at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Exhibit ‘Incendios’, by Miguel Mosquera

The idea of this joint exhibition is to combine the capacity for suggestion and reflection of artistic activity with the impartiality of scientific activity when dealing with processes. We currently have the means, the information and the capabilities, however, the problem seems to be far from being solved. This may be due to the fact that current science and technology do not reach places where other languages, more intimate and personal, can reverberate in the collective imagination in a different way.

Exhibit ‘Lume’, by OLLO and Afundación

This is a traveling exhibition through Galician cities, which will make a stop in our workshop. It includes different photographs about fires taken in the last 15 years in Galicia by members of the OLLO collective, a group of Galician photographers focused on documentary photography and videography.

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