International intensive course

19th – 24th SEPTEMBER, Athens (GREECE)

We are glad to announce the 2nd edition of our intensive course on the design of S-L projects called “Service Learning Projects in Wildfire management. Again, different students from Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece) will travel to Athens for 7 days to learn how to design Service-Learning projects related with fire management. The course will be recognized in their curriculum through ECTS (up to 4 credits)

As in the first edition, the course will include practical activities, such as evaluation of fire impacts, interviews of local forest owners and practitioners, or hands-on activities in forest wildfire prone areas. In this edition, the organizing team has designed different activities in a way that a large part of the course will be eminently practical and outdoors. Students will be supported by different stakeholders (companies, forest owner associations, administrators, researchers). Working in groups, students will prepare presentations, videos, interviews and reports during this week. Besides, the course will contribute to student training, further developing transversal and employability skills, confidence and capability for teamwork in an international and multi-disciplinary setting. After the course, students can further implement the S-L projects in their own countries.

Τα λέμε σύντομα στην Αθήνα! See you soon in Athens!

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